• Member of ACES, the American Copy Editors Society.
  • Earned The Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing.
  • Member of the Freelancers Union.
  • To satisfy my love of learning, I dedicate myself to ongoing training.
  • I’m a lifelong avid reader of most genres, fiction and nonfiction. I’ve enjoyed working with American and international authors on a wide variety of content:
    • Fiction books include: general fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, women’s fiction, romance, romantic thriller, paranormal, men’s fiction, murder mystery thriller, science fiction, fantasy, short stories, young adult, middle-grade, and children’s picture books.
    • Nonfiction works include: management & leadership, cookbooks, newsletters, letters, websites, educational applications, and legal documentation.  

While reading the draft of a friend’s self-published book, I offered to flag a few syntax errors. Her book was intriguing, and I felt the drive to help. I knew, by working together, we could improve how the characters related to each other. It was a dream to get to discuss the decisions and nuances of the book with the author herself!

I reveled in leaving in-line comments with suggestions to help the story make it to the page as the author intended. 

Of course, I got “Carried” away outlining the plot and important parts of the story.

The document I created allowed us to see the story in a new way. Out popped the improvements needed! She was grateful, and it thrilled me to use my talents to contribute in a meaningful way to her book. 

I’ve since immersed myself in the study of writing and editing. Professionally, my background is being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a master’s degree. I’ve been an auditor (which allowed me to travel globally), accountant, and college instructor. Now I am delighted to be a full-time reader and editor—my childhood fantasy! I’ve discovered that my training in reviewing financial reports prepared me for editing. There are a lot of similarities—such as threading the same correct information throughout, considering the audience, and providing clarity for the reader. 

Reading is a huge part of who I am. I love to share and discuss stories, and (humble-brag alert) all three of my kids tested in the top 99% nationwide for literacy skills when they started kindergarten. I use my teaching and coaching skills to bring out the author’s best work. 

In each engagement, I strive to identify and develop the theme(s) of the manuscript—what is the essence that the author needs to convey to their readers?

I can’t wait to support you!